Outdoor Electric Display Menorah

Outdoor Electric Display Menorah

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Outdoor Electric Menorah stands 6 Feet Tall and finished in Gold. Bulbs Included. Menorah is electric and lantern compatible for indoor and outdoor use. Ideal Menorah for shopping malls, banks,office building, Synagogue or Hotel.

Constructed from solid weatherproof steel. The Menorah is easily detachable and divided into 7 parts. It can be stored compactly until next year when it is needed again. Standard size 40 Watt bulbs (Chandelier size bulbs).Lantern compatible

Public Shopping Mall & Outdoor Menorah features

  • 6 feet tall , width 4 feet across the top.
  • Assembles in minutes
  • Disassembles for easy storage
  • Steel structure
  • 9 switches allow individual lighting for each night
  • Includes base for easy standing

    Public Outdoor & Indoor Menorah includes:

    • 7 main parts
    • 9 switches to turn each light on separately
    • Ships UPS ground only to lower 48 states.
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