BSD Silver & Gold Israeli Kabbalah Jewelry
BSD Silver & Gold Israeli Kabbalah Jewelry

BSD Silver & Gold Israeli Kabbalah Jewelry for the most important moments in life.

A luxurious Jewelry line, that was established in 2009 by Hanan and Yael with expertise in sterling silver and gold made Judaica pieces and diamonds. 

For those who seek luxurious unique gifts, we offer Judaica items accented with diamonds, and engraved with Jewish and Cabalistic phrases and symbols. 

BSD stands for the Hebrew Abbreviation for Godly support, and this is what BSD’s Judaica elements are about. 

Gold is the sole metal allowed to use for the MENORA and the sole metal for use in the TEMPLE Precious stones are in the nature of Judaica as Gems reflects great importance in Judaism. The Bible refers to Gems as objects that existed in heaven, and used to communicate with God. So, for those that keep a religious attitude in mind, and care for esteemed synagogue outfit, BSD offers the best of the Israeli designs. 

All BSD products are marked with the original BSD icon, as each item is certified and with full warranty. BSD takes pride of its service policy, and extends service to customers worldwide. is an exclusive Jewish gift store offering jewish gifts from Jewish and Israeli artists from around the world with a quality, price and service guarantee. Don’t take our word for it, shop online our Judaica store and experience for yourself the best Jewish gift store online. Click on the BSD Silver & Gold Israeli Kabbalah Jewelry department link above to begin.

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